qoq songs ltd


qoq is a band, a brand, and the spirit of a man. qoq music is a can of earworms, with which we (qoq) aim to control your brain via the slithering serenade of our sonic soda pop.

The craftsperson responsible for qoq's effervescent compositions is noted songster and tunesmith, Jarl Quetzalcoatl Sonkin. This otherworldly (either Swedish or Mexican) nonsense poet's lyrics reveal hidden layers of meaning and feeling when weird word choices are combined with sublimely sweet singsong melodies.

Once the raw noisy nectar is delicately enhanced with the assistance of associate auditory artisans (other band members, who shall remain nameless to preserve their freshness), each uniquely flavored tune becomes a quick acting pop tonic that is guaranteed to help rid even the littlest of ears of all their hear-fears, following years of Top 40 tears…

Listen around with gusto and enjoy qoq!