Los Nursery Thymes



I read all about and felt entitled to shout, 
But, then "The Man" said, "Son, you'd better come along... 
Get with the times and if you follow the signs then, 
Line after line, you will feel fine, rhyme after rhyme gets stuck in your 
mind...Or, matter does it, to your brain, if there's no beat or no refrain?" 
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah...yeah yeah 

Yeah, it does to you, what it does to me 
So, what makes you think, you're superior being? 
Just the way you roll? Just do as you're sold 
Plug up all your holes by remote control! 

How does it go? "Ask me..." Well, how do y'know? 
"Coz, I'm in the know, cousin. I write the show! 
Slip me some soul, and I will write you a poem! 
Or, maybe a note, or maybe I won't 
Or maybe you know it, or maybe you don't–" 

Know? No-no, no, no-no, no, no-no, no, notice all this noise 
Come from the speaker, a way of life for we the people. 
Oh, wait am I not US eagle? I'll go away from a life lived with such sheep, 
I'll sleep less at night...but, I'll know this, notice, yes... 

Patient and slow's the only way we can grow, 
And away we go, in a way we glow! 
Forget our crimes, it's to the summit we climbs. 
We're in nursery times, we are nursing in time. 
Will your nurse be on time, with your nursery thyme?