Soccer Puck

Jarl Q


I feel unkempt 
Don’t want or need no cigarette 
We’ll share one square, four corners 
This side-your side 
My side and theirs 
There’s bound to be a point where we’ll break even 
Even though I don’t know where 
“I” is “my” friend 
Please pass more bread 
I’ve toasted most of what’s good 
From the oven 
Of au naturale appeal 
Peel me a banana, Diana 
Dying to be your Al 
uh-lal, lal, lal, lal,lal, la,la,la, la, la, 
Call me Alvis 

It’s not in his sock 
It’s not in my pocket, ooh 
I just like the skunk 
So spare me your junkie, you 

Now, I feel up-tempo 
In a redirect 
We’ll fry our insides to finally 
Have no gun 
Held to our heads 
Hetzl’s bringing back a pretzel bag 
Bagged ‘specially for the Queens 
I "bee" insect 
Give me credit 
I’ve tried to inscribe my thought-crimes 
Into a card 
That I thought you’d accept 
Except now I can’t American Express it 
It’s inexpressible 
Uh-waaal, uh-waaa waaa, waaa, waal, uh-waaa waaa, uh-waaa, waaa, waal, wall 
A wall, it's a wall, a wall 

It’s not in my sock 
It’s not in his pocket, ooh 
The plumber you plucked 
Won’t lend me a bucket, eww 

I’m gonna steal your song 
I’m gonna steal your vote 
I’m gonna steal your goal (duh!) 
I wanna steal your soul back