¡Yo, Solo!



¡Yo solo, yo solo, yo solo, yo solo!

Shadowboxing while I walks me home–alone! 
Pensando que soy el mas chingon, jodon, cabron, mamon 
I was minding no one's business but my own 

They tell me, "Say, niño...ó niña?" 
"Babyface! ¡Cara de niño, ven aca!" 
Yo digo, I say, "Yessir...¿que pas–*hiccup*–SAP?" 
Theyz repliesh, "My eyes have seen you...and you're fucked!" 
But, if you'd only let me be, you wouldn't see me at all! 
And if you could see what I could be, you wouldn't wanna see me fall! ¡No-no! 

If they just see you, then you're fucked! 
I tell you, amigo...better duck! 
Because, you just be you're shit-outta luck! 
You are SOL, sol–O'! Low, low, low, low... 
You're so low, you're solo, yo solo, "Yo, Solo!" 

Tell us who drew first blood? 
¿Quien fué el quien atacó? 
Oh, n-n-no we dunno, no know, no-no... 
Was it a fire in his gut? 
¿Le hirió el estómago? 
Si s-s-señor, it was so low, low, low, low a blow... 

So long as grounds the excused has stood upon 
Were in his land and not your Madre's, Juan... 
¡Hijo! You don't look innocent, son! 
¡Obey la Ley, hood! O te van a hacer desaparecer, 
make you gone with the gun! 

Begone con un gun, you green alien! 
Call off your clones, "Gringo, go home." 
Ol' Mikkky's farm, don't need no lawn. 
Order them a round, run them out of town on a 
Rail against the windmills, against the greenies, 
against the phantom's cry! 

Yes, even if you turn see-thru, they're just as blind. 
¡Te digo, mi's a crime! 
But, you just gotta let 'em see, you've gotta shine, 
For all time, yes! Human-kindness, 
Porque eres un Sol! Oh! 

Your soul, oh! 
You solo! 
Your solo! 
¡Yo solo!